Daniel Radcliffe Expresses Love Just Isn’t Fun!

Image00001Daniel Radcliffe reveals Love is no fun. The star, who gained his fame through the Harry Potter series is claiming this. He says that his bad heartache experiences seep through into his unlucky-in-love character in ‘The F Word’. He is now appearing in the romantic comedy, and his character portrays unlucky in love.

He also reveals that real life relationships are hard work. As he spoke at the Toronto International Film Festival, he parted ways from his girlfriend Rosie Cocker admits love well it just isn’t fun, it may be for some people but not for me.

”It’s much more fun if you’re enjoying the person’s company that you’re with.”
Relating to his character from ‘The F Word’, he added: ”This is the first time that I’ve been allowed to let more of my personality show through in a character.”

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