Dancing With The Stars D.L, Hughley Needs To Let Go!

Cheryl Burke who is a two time champion is going to be dancing this year with D.L. Hughley for the 16 season, where she is insisting that he needs to loosen up a lot.

People reports: My partner D.L. Hughley is still on his comedy tour and performing every weekend. He is still working at his job, as well as doing Dancing with the Stars, so it has been a little bit challenging to get a lot of rehearsal time before Monday’s season 16 premiere.

But it’s always a struggle in the beginning. D.L. has more room for improvement, but he’s learned his routine. We had a big breakthrough when we were actually able to get through the whole routine to music. He just needs to loosen up a little and have a good time. At the end of the day, even if he’s not going to be the best technical dancer, at least he has personality and can show people that he’s having fun.

I always feel sorry in the beginning for everyone who does the show because it’s so much to learn when it comes to technique. You want to do everything perfect, but it’s not going to happen. Right now, I’m just trying to tell D.L. to have fun with it and forget about the technique. He’s learned what he’s learned.

I always feel nervous for my partners at the beginning of a season. I’m there to support D.L. This season, since I’ve never danced with a comedian before, it’s different. I know it doesn’t come natural. He’s admitted he’s terrified, so I’ll be his cheerleader.

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