Criminal Minds Season 9, Episode 1 – Abduction,Torture & Murder Psycho!

This is the Criminal Minds season 9, episode 1 has officially released spoilers about the upcoming show, on how there is going to be a Murder Psycho, a torture scene, and an abduction.

Hollywood Hills reports: Recently, TV Line dished up some new,rare,spoiler scoopage for “Criminal Minds” new season 9, and it turns out that the hunt will definitely be on for a new serial killer that’s on the loose,committing abduction,torture,and murder in the very first episode!

There will also be a new police sergeant lady that’s brought on to hunt this bastard down. In their spoiler statement, they explained, “In “The Inspiration,” the kickoff to the two-part season opener, our heroes chase down a serial killer whose obsession with his ex results in abduction, torture and murder.

Even worse, his day-to-day involves not only the worst mother this side of Norma Bates, but snakes and/or praying mantises (praying mantii?).

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