Clint Eastwood Celebrates The Wedding Of His Daughter Alison!

Clint Eastwood is in celebration of his daughter’s wedding. The ‘The Any Which Way You Can’ actor had been very happy at the ceremony over the weekend in California. It was the evening of Friday when Alison Eastwood did exchange her beautiful vows to Stacy Poitra. Attending were a small gathering of her close freinds and her family, at the Saddlepeak Lodge in Calabasas.

The couple did meet five years ago and they only announced their relationship last year. Some members which attend were Clint and his wife Dina, Alison’s mother Maggie, brothers Scott and Kyle and sister Kathryn. Some member’s of the groom included Poitras’ three brothers, Bobby, Mark, and Matt.

The newly married couple expressed their feelings about the big day in a statement to People magazine:

“We are thrilled to be surrounded by our family for this very special day and appreciate their love and support as we begin our married life together.”

Clint Eastwood reportedly did give his blessing to Poitras when he did ask permission to wed the star’s daughter. During an interview earlier this year, Poitras did recall Eastwood’s reaction to the request:

“He looked at me for four or five seconds, which felt like 15 minutes, and then he said, ‘You’re going to have to take that up with her,’” Poitras explained to Westlake magazine. “I said, ‘Is that a yes or a no?’ And he said, ‘That’s a yes,’ and he shook my hand.”

Alison reportedly did speak of Poitras as her best friend and the “first man who has been the closest person to me.”

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