Claire Danes Husband’s Advice Keeps Her Out Of Therapy!

resizedimageClaire Danes relies on her husband’s for advice. She is a television and stage star, she has been in My So Called Life (Angela Chase) and Les Miserables (Cosette) explains that her husband Hugh Dancy‘s British attitude toward problems has kept her away from therapy.

The thirty four actress more measured response to emotional problems has counter-acted her desire to share and dissect problems as an American.

Danes and Dancy do have a nine month old son Cyrus together, saying maybe be the best advise yet is to get more sleep. Speaking in the new UK issue of Vogue magazine, she said:

”That British reserve is so welcome. I come from the land of therapy and love it, therapy is great, but Hugh really helped me discover that, a lot of the time, I’m just tired.

”I don’t have to go through this labyrinthine explanation, there doesn’t have to be that much back story. I can just be in need of a nap.”

She is a new mother and she stars on Homeland, for this she needs the right amount of sleep. She also says her love her little one is quite strong,

Claire – who plays bipolar CIA agent Carrie Mathison in the drama series – explained

”My real anxiety was that I would never want to work again. Because it’s so intoxicating, the bond is just so … viscous. It’s like superglue. One of the overarching themes of the show is loneliness and sacrifice. Carrie’s isolation is being really, really stretched to its outer limits. She’s very stranded in this season. And I am feeling very bonded right now. So there’s a real dichotomy there.”

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