Bruce Willis Age Is Creeping Up On Him!

Bruce Willis is feeling his age. The fifty eight year old German born American actor  known for his most popular role in the Die Hard Series is for sure feeling his age as now he needs at least eight hours of sleep each night and is not able to do his own film stunts. He’s even admitted to pals,

 “I’m half the man I used to be.”

Willis’s upcoming movie, Red 2 does use computerized simula­tion to perform action sequences that “would have been a breeze for Bruce six or seven years ago,” a source said.

“He’s definitely slowing down, and has admitted that his schedule over the past year has been horrible for his health and mood. He needs a break.”

Several years ago, the aging thesp decided to,

 “get in as much work as possible before it was too late.”

Since 2008, he’s made 14 films, with more than five in still in development. However according to a source he did have a change of heart just last year when his wife Emma thirty six years old gave birth to their daughter Mabel.

“He’s all about quality of life now,” the source added. “He’s promised Emma he’ll slow things down so he can focus more on family – and that’s exactly what he’s doing.”

The popular star has also appeared in other movies such as Pulp Fiction, Monkeys, The Fifth Element and Armageddon.

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