Brian Austin Green Wages Legal Battle Against Mother Of His Child!

Brian Austin Green serves his ex-girlfriend with a lawsuit over a to hundred thousand dollar loan. The actor best known for his role in Beverly Hills 902120 and Desperate Housewives has put in papers that have been filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday, January, as he does insist that money he had given the mother of his nine year old child, Vanessa Marcil as a loan when they were in a relationship, it was not a gift.

What the papers are saying is that he started to write checks to Marcil in January 2012, he detailed that he had lent her fifty thousand dollars at that time, insisting that it was not a gift. Accordingly, the loan has accumulated to a total of more than $200,000. Green also noted that he and Marcil did come to an agreement each time he loaned her money that she agreed to return the money whenever he asked for it.

When he asked for the money back in November 2011 the actress of General Hospital just refused. Now the forty three year old is suing for breach of contract, breach of oral agreement and negligent misrepresentation. He seeks repayment of all the money plus unspecified damages.

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