Arnold Schwarzenegger The Ideal Of Retiring Never Crossed His Mind!

 Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals ‘he won’t retire’.The known actor and former professional body builder and politician admits he will not be stopping anytime soon.

The Terminator star, ho is now sixty five years old lets it out that he never plans on retiring as he feels at his best when he is on set been though he is getting older. He has also said that he loves working hard and a guilt feeling comes over him hen he relaxes,

“I am happiest when I work,” he said.

“After six hours of sleep I wake up and have a guilty feeling, that I am still lying in bed. Getting older doesn’t mean getting worse.

“The word ‘retirement’ doesn’t appear in my vocabulary. Who says you can’t act for the camera when you are 80 or 90?

“I love my life [in the US]. Many European countries have become like America. The living standard is higher now; everybody has a TV, cars, holidays. We didn’t have all these things when I grew up. “I wanted to go to America because the action was there, the money, the skyscrapers. America was the winner. Now many Europeans are the winners. “Even if America has to overcome something in these days it is still the number one in the world. The land of opportunity.”

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