Anna Camp Hospitalised Suffered Concussion During True Blood Stunt!

Anna Camp had once been hospitalized due to a concussion. The True Blood actress (Sarah Newlin) suffered this during the current sixth season of the series. when a stunt had gone terribly wrong .

 The also ‘The Good Wife’ star had endured a bump to her head while doing a chase sequence, therefore taken to the emergency room just as a precaution.

She tells New York Magazine,

 ”Towards the end of the season, Sarah finds herself in a very physical situation, a very confrontational situation, and I was doing a bit of my own stunt work. I was fortunate to have a great, great stunt-woman with me, but during one of the takes, I rolled, I was on the ground, and I hit my head. I was in the middle of a chase sequence, and I had to continue the take and keep going, and I wasn’t going to tell anyone that I hit my head, but about 15 minutes later, I started getting very nauseous and dizzy.

“So we went to the emergency room as just a precaution – but in my whole wardrobe and giant hair, which was exciting! Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. It turns out that I had a minor concussion, but I’m totally Ok! I just had to relearn how to tie my shoes. Just kidding!”

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