Amy Adams Featured For Elle UK ‘I’d Love To Be A Diva’

Amy Adams represents Elle UK ‘I’d Love To Be A Diva’ . The former Catch Me If You can actress is getting ready for her release of her superhero flick “Man of Steel” and during promotions covered the July 2013 issue of this Magazine. She looked amazing wearing designs from Burberry and Roksanda. She had been photographed by Jan Welters.

She has opened up about her adventure to Hollywood and being an “A List” actress.

On the start of her acting career:

“I graduated high school and I didn’t have a skill set and I didn’t want to go to college. I needed a job. This is what I could do. And I like it, but it can be very painful. You feel so vulnerable all the time on set, so exposed. But I had that same feeling of being exposed when I was a waitress, I have it at parties, I have it here. I’d love to be a diva. But I’d then have to send so many apology notes for my abhorrent behavior.”

On her anxiety after “Catch Me If You Can”:

“I felt this pressure to suddenly be this level of actress that I wasn’t confident enough to be. I did a series of really bad auditions, I let the nerves get the best of me. And the couple years after that it was, ‘I can’t do this. I’m not strong enough to continue with this level of rejection.’ It was, ‘What am I going to do with my life?’ I was staring down 30. I was lost, confused. Being an actress hasn’t made me insecure. I was insecure long before I declared I was an actress. I like not being noticed. It has been a struggle because I love performing, but if I’m in a group of people and someone has a bigger personality I’m like ‘Go ahead, and have fun! It looks like a lotta work.’”

On her role as Lois Lane:

“It’s more raw, a little less quippy. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the banter and relationship between Lois and Clark, but it’s a totally new imagining of the story. I was shaking by the end of it. I realized that I hadn’t seen a film with that much action in it since ‘Avatar,’ so it overwhelmed my adrenal system. Not that it’s all just action, but it is a lot of fun.”

Photo Credit: Jan Welters for ELLE UK!

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