Amy Adams and Henry Cavill Chat Chemistry, Comic Books & Lois Lane Interview June/July 2013!

Amy Adams and Henry Cavill dish out on ‘Man of Steel’ for Interview June/July 2013. With the movie nearing i’s premiere Adams and Cavill covered this issue. They were photographed Mikael Jansson. Cavill chatted about the chemistry between he and Adams, while also revealing how she helped others after the Boston Marathon bombings.

Amy, On becoming Lois Lane:

“I always really loved action films, but I don’t see myself as a superhero girl, so my Lois is a mere mortal – full of imperfections. She’s someone I identify with. So this was an opportunity to be in a genre film without having to train – which was a positive thing.

On shooting in Boston during the marathon bombings:

“We sort of fell away when it happened, so we were able to keep the production rolling on the day, then we did lose some time when they put everyone on lockdown. It was surreal. But I’m not somebody to sort of personalize a tragedy like that, unless it’s something that happened to me personally, so I felt like the important thing at that point was to reach out to the community. The people in Boston- their sense of community is so important to them. So instead of making it about my personal drama, I saw it more as a personal mission to reach out and try to help the people who were affected by it however we could.”

Henry, On struggling with haters:

“In this film, the world is not just accepting the fact that this being exist, so, as an actor, the question of how that made him feel was very important. How the character felt about the world around him, knowing that he was different from a very young age, was interesting to me, because people aren’t necessarily very good to him in this film. There are some good people in his journey, but generally, it’s people just taking advantage of the fact that he’s a head-down, quiet kind of chap, even though he’s quite big.”

On reading the comic books:

“I read a lot of them. I didn’t go too far back, though, because I prefer more of the modern stuff – just because I can associate with the imagery more. It was primarily ‘Death [of Superman],’ ‘Return [of Superman],’ and ‘Red Son.’ I also liked ‘Superman/Batman: The Search for Kryptonite’ because I really enjoyed the interaction between those two characters. But those first three books, essentially, are what showed me what the character was – especially ‘Return,’ because in that one, you see these different perceptions of what he is. ‘Return’ had all these aspects that Superman embodied by these different characters.”

On the lack of chemistry between him and Amy offset:

“I mean, there are these fantasies among people who watch movies where they’re like, ‘Oh, there’s a chemistry between them- something is going on.’ And sometimes there is. But for me, it’s more like, I go to work, I do a job, I play a role, and then I go home. I don’t wear a cape at home. I’m not an invulnerable alien at home. I’m not in love with a woman called Lois Lane at home. I know there are a lot of people who like to get very involved in their characters, but I, personally, find it too involved. I just like to do it as a job – and it’s my job to make it look real.”

Photo Credit: Mikael Jansson for Interview

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