Amanda Holden Slightly Devious Tricking Husband Into Conceiving!

resizedimageAmanda Holden kind of tricked husband into having a baby. The British actress, who acted in Cutting It (Mia Bevan) and Wild at Heart (Sarah Trevanion) has confessed to stopping her contraceptive pill without informing her husband, record producer Chris Hughes, for this she conceived her daughter Hollie, twenty one month old.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge realizes that he was slight devious, she also reveals that by doing this it helped the couple get over an unforeseen miscarriage in 2010  and the birth of their stillborn son Theo the following year.

In an interview with the new UK issue of OK! Magazine, she said:

”I’ll be honest, what I did was devious. But it was the only way I could think to stop something bad happening – having to go somewhere, away from my family and being looked after by proper people [in a psychiatric institution.] That was not going to happen to me. I’ve always been a fixer, and I knew what would fix it.

”Obviously I was never going to replace my son. I think about him every day. But I had to have another baby. I know I may get criticism, but it was about survival. ”

The forty two year old went through delivery at seven months pregnant but lost the baby, she already has a seven year old daughter called Lexi. She had been given the advice to put a baby on hold before trying again. Hughes, however was overjoyed once he learned of her pregnancy.

She recalled:

”He was shocked. I don’t think he could get his head round it. But afterwards he said, ‘I’m so glad you did it.’ ”

Holden, who almost lost her life, over complications during the birth of Hollie – knows she made the right choice to get pregnant and insists she had to because she didn’t have time to waste.

She said:

”We’d already made the choice to have another baby, but he wanted to give it time, until after I’d done ‘Shrek’ [the musical]. Men don’t understand. The clock ticks, my eggs were going to shrink into raisins, so we needed to move on with it.”

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