Amacing Race Canada – Treena Ley and Tennille Dorrington!

Here is one of the 2013 Amazing Race Canada contestant teams Treena Ley and Tennille Dorrington which will be on the first season for a race around the world for a grand prize.

CTV reports: Identical twin sisters, Treena and Tennille describe themselves as “very competitive and very entertaining.” Inseparable since birth, these sisters have done everything together through life. “Having a sister and best friend that share the same size, can read your mind, communicate without even talking, and that has been there for every significant moment of your life is amazing,” explains Tennille.

It’s not always easygoing with these high spirited twins, who clash like any sisters. They couldn’t even make it through their audition video without disputing a few points. “When we are getting along, we can conquer the world,” they agree, “but if we are fighting…look out and take cover!”

Although Treena describes her sister as a “control freak” and Tennille says her sister is “very impatient and a bit of a diva,” the twins overcame these concerns to audition for THE AMAZING RACE CANADA.
After a trip to Calgary in 2012, they vowed to visit every province in Canada together, a goal that might be closer than they ever imagined!

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