Alec Baldwin Relieved He Finally Has A ‘Happy Home’

Alec Baldwin finally has a ‘happy home’. Baldwin, who did start his career off in the Soap Opera, Knot Landing feels relief that he can finally say that he has a ‘happy home’ along with his new wife Hilaria Thomas.

The also 30 Rock star does admit that he had been really stunned when Thomas was okay with marrying him, even though their is a twenty six years between them. the fifty five year old and his Spanish wife are awaiting the arrival of their first baby, reveals that he did pass on the ideal of finding his happiness in life until he met the twenty nine year old  yoga instructor

He told the Sunday Times Magazine: ‘

‘When someone’s much younger, you wonder, are they going to turn and go, ‘What? Oh no, we won’t be doing that…’

”You arrive at this point where you go, I’ve got to marry her! There really is no choice. I am never, never, never, never, never, going to meet someone like this again. I really must do this.”

Baldwin also reveals that he has stopped caring about their age gap. He said:

 ”There was this funny moment when I said to her, you know, when a man dates someone he has this kind of line, ‘Do you date someone who’s 25, 21, 19? Where is the line?’ And she turned to me and she goes ‘I am the line.’ And I went ‘that’s it.’

”She was ready. (She) had dated a lot of people. She went to China and she went to Europe and she would do it with these ballroom-dancing troupes, these shows, with some guy who’s running his hands all over your body, three, four, hours a day. She was ready for something else.”

Baldwin, first marriage was to Kim Bassinger and they have a seventeen year old daughter called Ireland together and admits he never felt he had a ‘happy home’.

 He added: ”I never had a happy home. I never had a happy home where, four days out of seven, you walk in the door and you know that what’s on the other side of that door is wonderful, someone you want to see and you’re going to have dinner together.”

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