Actress Karen David Injured Filming Van Stunt!

Actress Karen David has been injured while on TV shoot. The Canadian-British star had to be put in the hospital on Thursday night, January 17, 2013. What apparently happened is that she had fell off a moving van while on film for the crime drama Castle.

The Scorpion King 2 Rise of a Warrior star had been doing just a guest role to be seen on the show on a California set when the scene just went really bad. While in the local hospital she endured a neck injury then released hours later, however a stunt-man working along with her has sustained a head injury and it is reported to be serious.

David’s manager William Blaylock tells,

Karen was the actress in the scene with the stunt-man. They fell from a moving van when a door would not shut. Karen was in the emergency room for hours being treated. She has been released but is in serious pain and has to wear a neck brace.”

David, also appeared in Waterloo Road, Pixielface and Touch.

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