Jack Nicholson Bows Out Of Career Over Memory Loss!

Image00001Jack Nicholson has retired. The sixty seven six year old legendary star known for roles such as in Batman as the Joker and The Shining ends his career because according to a source his ‘memory isn’t what it used to be.”

The legendary actor had five decades of acting but now he is walking away,

A Hollywood insider told RadarOnline.com:

”Jack has – without fanfare – retired.

”There is a simple reason behind his decision, it’s memory loss. Quite frankly, at 76, Jack has memory issues and can no longer remember the lines being asked of him. His memory isn’t what it used to be.”

One of his favorite role was alongside Michael Keaton in Batman, He said:

”I was particularly proud of my performance as The Joker. I considered it a piece of pop art.”

Jack on his fame, saying he believes he has ”done OK” In an interview published in Britain’s Esquire magazine in June, he said:

”I take responsibility for my successes as well as my failures. But when I look at my professional mistakes, I’m always left with the feeling that maybe I should have done more. These are my private musings.

”I’m such a perfectionist. I always feel over-praised, or whatever. In the abstract, I know I’m a good person, a good professional. But it’s nice to be noticed a little bit, ain’t it?”

The last time he starred in a film was back in 2010.

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