X Factor’ Contestant Cuffed by Cops For Lifting Microphone!

X’Factor contestant, had been handcuffed by police for stealing microphone. He will be on a teaser tonight on the episode of the reality show and is the one sho gets cuffed as he is singing “I’m getting arrested!” — and now, TMZ has learned exactly WHY he did end up in shackles.

When it happened, back in June during auditions in Kansas City. law enforcement sources have reported that Deangelo Wallace had just finished auditioning and then he walked off the stage and out of the Sprint Center still wearing his microphone.

Then next the producers had claimed that the sound equipment had been stolen and cops caught up with Wallace near the venue, he had been put in the handcuffs and taken back to the Sprint Center where he did return the the stolen property. No charges were put on him an he went on his way.

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