‘Voice Of Smurfette’ Lucille Bliss Has Passed Away At 96!

Lucille Bliss, the voice of Smurfette has died at the age of ninety six. The American actress and voice artist who had her first job as wicked stepsister Anastasia Tremaine in Walt Disney’s classic 1950 film Cinderella.

Her death has left array of endorsements of both her character and professionalism in an obituary by The Los Angeles Times. She had passed away on November 8, 2012 and it had been of natural causes. She had been living in an assisted center in Costa Mesa, this is according to the Orange County coroner. Bliss was also known for ‘Crusader Rabbit’.

David Scheve, who owns TDA Animation and worked with Bliss.

“She could do three or four characters in one [scene] and you’d never know they were all her. She was terrific.” Charles Solomon, an author and animation historian said”She was a pioneer in television animation,” and that Crusader Rabbit “really set a pattern for a lot of future shows – the smart little character and the big dumb sidekick.”

“I’m an actress specializing in voices,” Bliss once told a writer. “I don’t like the term ‘voice-over.’ … You have to be an actor first, and then the voice .… You have to take acting lessons to learn how to act before you can speak.”

Bliss left behind no immediate survivors. Her funeral arrangements are pending at this time.Stay up-to-date with us! Follow us on TWITTER, subscribe to our RSS FEED or E-MAIL us! We love hearing from you…..

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