‘Usher’ Personaly Called 911 Informing Police Of Delusional Female Tresspasser!

Usher, himself had phone 911 so he could warn authorities that a delusional female had been trespassing at his home in Georgia back on June 24, 2012.  TMZ has obtained the 911 tape and while the call was being taken place, Usher when you listen can be heard whispering to the operator.

Usher tells the operator,

“I don’t know this woman … she rang my doorbell.” You can even hear Usher’s doorbell ring while he’s on the phone.

Usher added, “She’s obviously a fan of some sort.”

As police arrived on scene, TMZ first reported that the twenty six year old woman has explained that she was married to the pop star. Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw, told officers she was married to the pop star.

Also during this incident, Usher expresses that it had not been the first time that the woman in question had been at his home. It had been just the day before when she had to be escorted off his property after she was  spotted by the star’s personal security team.

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