Undercover Boss: Budget Blinds Recap 13/04/12

With an annual revenue of 240 million dollars and is led by one man Chad Hallock who is CEO and Co-Founder of Budget Blinds. He came from poor family and took that oppourtunity to and created Budget Blinds. He talks with his brothers about his undercover assignment. He goes to his first assignment. He starts at Morrison Illinois and heads with the franchise owner and they head to a sales meeting.

It seems that Keith is not doing so well and should me directing and taking control more. Keith says that corporate is too set in their ways when it comes to the big picture.  Today Chad is in Chicago and meets Meris who is a franchise owner and she is training him in instillation and Chad thinks that she is on top of things. Meris thinks that he would not make a good franchisee. Meris’s son has a neurological disorder and she believes that they should be given some control locally. Today he is working at the manufacturing plant and meets Pam who is the manager and shows him how to do the job and he gets the hang of it after a little while.

Pam says she wants to invite him to her hot tub.  Chad talks to Pam about working there and how they have a no tolerance option when it comes to asking for something that they use to do but discontinued. Chad is happy about their insistence on quality control. Job four is installing and he meets the installer Named Dennis and he says that when he goes into a person’s home  he wants to be professional and he don’t think that Chad is very professional. Dennis is very professional and even cleans the windows for the clients. After every install they send out the fliers and canvas the neighborhood before they leave.

Dennis tells Chad that he lost a son to a shooting and Chad. All the workers come in and meet Tom (which is really Chad) and he begins talking to Pam first. He brings back the picnics and he gives her all-expenses paid vacation to Mexico. He talks to Meris and he tells her that he is going to have a local advertising committee and Chad gives her $30,000 for her son Tyler’s needs.  Next he talks to Keith and tells him that he is going to do the Advertising campaign for their local areas. Chad tells Keith that he will send Brent out on a few calls with him.

Chad also gives $15,000 per child as an education fund. Now Chad talks to Dennis and he fly’s him to an awards banquet and he tells him that when he talked to Dennis and that he lost his house and Chad gives Dennis $40,000 to renovate his house. All of his brothers get Mohawks to help support Chad.

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