‘True Blood‘s’ Joe Manganiello Featured For, DA MAN Magazine!

 Joe Manganiello, featured in the February/ March 2012 issue of Da Man Magazine, he is a classically trained American film and theater actor. He had some roles in ER, How I Met Your Mother and One Tree Hill, among others before landing his breakout role as werewolf Alcide Herveaux on the HBO television series True Blood.

 Here are some excerpts from his interview:

Who was your biggest motivation for you to choose to pursue a career in showbiz?

 “I grew up a misfit, I never fit in. I was an athlete, but I was extremely artistic. I was a jock who was good at math, chess, and loved to read…I didn’t know what group to hang out with in school until I started acting. Acting was the only place that I ever felt like I belonged so went for it with everything I had.”

After finishing at Carnegie Mellon’s esteemed drama school, did you go straight into a project?

 “I screen-tested alongside James Franco for my part in Spider-Man the week after I graduated from CMU and got the part. However, it didn’t start shooting for six months so I paid the bills as a bodyguard for singer/actor Tyrese Gibson and as a bouncer at a Mexican rock bar and an after-hours club.”

What do you think the future holds of True Blood?

 “I don’t consider True Blood a part of a fad. It’s a critically acclaimed show written and performed by critically acclaimed people on the best network that’s ever existed in television. The trick to it is that it’s a show about being human.”

Joe’s new film what to Expect When You’re Expecting releases May 18.

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