‘The Voice’s’ Jessie J Vows To Be Meaner!

English singer and songwriter Jessie J has vowed to be meaner and tougher on the ‘Voice’ During this week’s show the mentor has revealed,

“I am going to be a bit meaner this week, 100 per cent. I think I have been too nice. I have said to my artists – and I hang out with them loads – ‘This is a massive thing, don’t be sad…I don’t want crying and, ‘This is the end of my life.’ It’s not, it’s the beginning of an amazing career.”

She joins the panel along with Tom Jones, will.i.am. and Danny O’Donoghue. The groups are picked and the time is here for the judge’s to give some tough advice and who better to take the lead the very outspoken Jessie J. But she is not that confident, she has confessed that she is not able to watch herself back after a performance or on the small screen. The judge continued,

“I don’t watch it back. I get to see enough on Twitter and people send me photos and tell me what I was wearing like it wasn’t me!…I am so aware of how I speak. That’s why I can’t watch the show. Like, who calls Tom Jones ‘Bruv?’ Me! I didn’t even realize I did it.”

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