‘The Situation’ Jersey Shore Files Suit Against Vodka Company!

The Situation is suing a Vodka Company, claiming they owe him millions. Real name Michael Paul Sorrentino, is known as an American television personality. The Jersey Shore star is indeed so toward the company behind the product that allegedly kept millions of dollar from him.

 It had been recently when Stitch filed a lawsuit against Devotion Spirits, which penned an endorsement deal with him back in the year 2010, this is according to the lawsuit. this according to Stitch contributer his part,making the booze the success it is today, however it seems as if the company didn’t hold up their end of the deal.

“Specifically, Sitch claims the deal called for him to acquire an 8% ownership stake in the company — which he says he got — but that Devotion failed to add 2% to his ownership share on their one-year anniversary, like the deal called for.

Sitch is also claiming that they failed to provide him with a four hundred thousand dollar “buy back” option for his shares on their two-year anniversary and failed to supply him with sales reports.

Sitch says even though he performed his contractual obligations, Devotion kept looking for an excuse to cut him out and avoid paying him the money he’s owed”.

He is trying to get his ten per cent share in the company (which he estimates to be worth as much as five million) and other damages.

Calls are yet to be returned by Devotion.

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