The Real Housewives of Vancouver “She Should’ve Kept Her Clothes On” Recap

The girls are back from Whistler and they just celebrated Christina’s birthday where she ended up nearly naked. This week’s episode called ”She should’ve Kept Her Clothes On” Christina’s surveying the aftermath that was her birthday bash. Marika calls so they can head out to coffee and chat. Christina admits to hating Jody’s tiara and long nose.

Jody and Reiko gossip about Christina’s birthday and are thoroughly disgusted at her behavior. Mary and business partner Wendy are about to launch a new scarf line as Ronnie stops by a bit hammered already.

Jody and Mia find candid pictures of Christina sporting her gold-digger t-shirt and they laugh and snicker about what a hot mess Christina looked like. It’s Mia’s birthday party…minus Mary or Christina so they make their own party. And Christina and Jody head into round two…or is it three now.

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