The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins Can’t Stand Alcohol Smell Since He’s Been Sober! (Video)

The Darkness’ guitarist, Justin Hawkins reveals he does not like the smell of alcohol smell anymore, since the time he became sober. He had spent over £150,000, in drugs at the time he left re-hab an quit the band back in 2006,  the singer now thinks alcohol makes people ”tedious”.

When asked whether or not drunk people disgust him he answered:

”No. But they’re so f*****g tedious. I look at them and think: ‘Oh, I wasn’t like that, was I?’ And the smell – I can’t stand it. That’s worse than the repetition and stumbling.

”Some of my best friends are drunken well-wishers! It’s not unbearable. Drunken strangers saying s*** that you don’t want to hear.

”I think: ‘F*****g hell, why am I standing here? I want to be over there, talking to my dad – who is also drunk! But at least I know him.”’

Hawkins is now a new man, and he is happy the band is taking, promoting their new album ‘Hot Cakes’, even though he believes the way he was before would give him more success.

Hawkins isn’t worried that opening for the eccentric pop-star has damaged the way that people look at the band though, telling Classic Rock magazine:

”I think we’ve done a lot of damage to our rock cred over the years. I think this was probably a step up.”

Watch Video, THE DARKNESS – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us!

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