The Amazing Race 20′ Cast Revealed, Big Brother’s Rachel & Brendon,Their Back!

Check out the new cast of the reality show The Amazing Race 20, here are the contestants and some details! The most memorable team ever on ‘Big Brother’ well guess what they are back! Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas

Here are the teams via The Insider:

  • Program Coordinator Kerri Paul & Basketball Wife Stacy Bowers – Cousins from Mississippi
  • Writer Vanessa Macias & Bar Owner Ralph Kelley – Dating from Texas
  • Border Patrol Agents Art Velez & J.J. Carrell – Friends from California
  • Federal Agents Nary Ebeid & Jamie Graetz – Friends from Los Angeles
  • Ambassadors of Laughter Dave & Cherie – Married (clowns) from Florida
  • Trainer Joey “Fitness” Lasalla & Nightclub Promoter Danny Horal – Friends from NY
  • Car Buyer Misa Tanaka & Professional Golfer Maiya Tanaka – Sisters from San Diego
  • U.S. Army Officer Dave Brown Jr. & Project Manager Rachel Brown – Married from Wisconsin
  • PhD Student Brendon Villegas & Event Hostess Rachel Reilly – Engaged from California
  • Musician Elliot Weber & Professional Soccer Player Andrew Weber – Twins from Arizona and California
  • Motorcycle Mechanic William “Bopper” Minton & Former State Inspector Mark Jackson – Best Friends from Kentucky

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