‘Teen Wolf’ Holland Roden Sued For Breach Of Contract!

Teen Wolf’ star Holland Roden, has been sued by former managers for breach of contract. The American actress has done so as she reportedly into into a verbal agreement along with Luber Roklin Entertainment (Lre) in December, 2009.

He was supposed to kelp manage her career but then she allegedly just broke loose of the team which had helped her with her big break in Hollywood.

The initial payment from Roden to Lre had been ten per cent from her own salary for the first season of the show in the year 2010. But then in 20122 she just terminated her relationship with the company in 2011, as she stopped all payments from her MTV show earnings, according to Tmz.com.

Company bosses filed suit earlier this month October 2012, demanding ten per cent of the actress’ earnings during the series. A judge has not yet ruled on the case.

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