‘Tameka Raymond’ To Appeal Following Loosing The Custody Battle!

Usher’s ex wife Tameka Raymond speaks out and does say I will appeal the custody decision. She is quiet upset that she lost in court and believes the ruling may be a result of a bias judge … so she’s gearing up to file an appeal, TMZ has learned.

First from TMZ  Tameka had lost on Friday when a judge did in fact rule in Ushers favor and had been granted primary custody of their two young children to the singer.

However sources which are close to Tameka do tell TMZ, she insists that the decision was unfair. She is saying that she does’t understand because she had she argued in court that Usher is constantly on the road, where as she has the more stable schedule … thus it makes no sense to give him primary custody.

She is too fight this decision as soon as possible and at this time is interviewing lawyers for an appeal.

Photo Credit, www.bet.com/news!

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