Supermodel ‘Maggie Rizer’s’ Golden Retriever Dies On Board Airline Flight! (Photos)

Supermodel, Maggie Rizer reveals that her dog had died on a Airline Flight. The ‘Operation Smile’ ambassador has said that he had passed away allegedly on United Airlines, and was not told the truth about it.

Rizer explains that she was was in flight from New York City to San Francisco, she would be going away for two weeks along with her now two year old Golden Retriever. Rizer also tells that she had two dogs and they had been crated in the underbelly of the plane.

What next happened is, there was a delay in the liftoff for two hours, it was very hot, the pilot told passengers to open their air vents, however she now believes cargo area may not have been ventilated and the dog just died of heatstroke.

Following this she had been informed that the dog was taken to the vet for a necropsy (to determine cause of death) but she does state that was not the case, that dog who died was in the crate.

Maggie says,

“I am so saddened by the complete lack of competence, honestly and compassion that United has shown.” Nevertheless, she is not planning to sue. FYI, the liability limitations would not make a lawsuit worth her time.

A United Airline Rep, has said the company is sorry for Rizer’s loss, and do also state that they find no mechanical or operational issues with Bea’s flight, the investigation is ongoing.

Image! Maggie Rizer and Bea, Courtesy Maggie Rizer!
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