‘Supermodel’ Kate Moss, Reveals Nerve Disorder, Paralysed In Her Right Arm!

English model Kate Moss, has said to be paralyzed in her right arm.  Apparently she is suffering a nerve disorder which is giving her temporary parlays. What had happened, just last weekend after she a trip to Paris, that’s when she woke up at her Ritz hotel, and she could not move her arm and hand, she therefore was diagnosed with this condition.

“Kate was at the Ritz when she woke and had no feeling in her arm, which was terrifying. She saw the hotel’s doctor and when she came back, she got a second opinion,” a friend told The Mail on Sunday.

 ”She has told her friends she has ulnar nerve entrapment, a common disorder that can result in a temporary paralysis. Her hand is not paralyzed or injured in any permanent way.

This is the worse time that this could happened, as Moss is about to move into her £7.25m mansion in Highgate, North London, along with her husband Jamie Hince following extensive renovations.

 ”Jamie will do most of the unpacking as Kate has been in a lot of pain. She was told the condition could take months to heal. She has told all her friends about her hospital drama,” the source added.

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