‘Steven Tyler’ Speaks Openly About His Father’s Death!

Aerosmith’ actor Steven Tyler has spoken up about the death of his father, ‘I cried up a storm”. The American Idol Judge Tyler does recall his final moments that he did have with his ninety five year old father Victor Tallarico.

It was when he had made an appearance on Oprah’s Next Chapter just over the weekend, expressing, that his “emotions took over” as he sat by his loved one’s side.

 ”We were all sitting there crying up a storm,” he said. “

“There’s a piece of me that didn’t want to go through all that, didn’t want to hear all that and there was a piece of me that knew that I needed to be there with dad.

 ”Every second it changed… Now I can intellectualise about it, but it was just pure feeling, pure emotion, that daddy’s going right now. It was so, so hard. I tried to be that spiritual guy but my emotions took over way, way too much. I love my daddy so much.”

Tyler, himself had also admitted he felt in a big way gratitude for being able to spend the quality time with his father just before he has passed on.

 ”Wherever I was… I was able to come and stop on a dime,” he said. “People were lending me their planes… Every time I think of dad I thank God of this whole last year – that I got a chance to be close to him.”

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