‘Spice Girls’ To Reunite All Together, At A Musical!

The ‘Spice Girls’ all to reunite for a musical. The British pop girl group which consists of  Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Emma Button, Melanie Chisholm and Geri Halliwell. The ‘Wannabe’ singers will all be showing up for an opening night musical called ‘Viva Forever’.

 Jennifer Saunders has written the show, based on the music of the girl band and she confirmed that they will all be there.

She said:

”I’m really looking forward to the first night which should happen by the end of the year. All of the Spice Girls should be there.”

However, even though the musical is based on songs from the Spice Girls, it won’t tell the personal story of the band.

Jennifer explained:

 ”It’s called ‘Viva Forever’ and follows the fortunes of four members of a band with songs by the Spice Girls. But it’s not about the Spice Girls any more than ‘Mamma Mia!’ was about Abba.”

Jennifer previously revealed the musical has made the Spice Girls ”emotional”.

She said:

 ”During one read through I played one song and then Emma said ‘Oh I think I’m going to cry I loved this song’.

”It’s a collection of their best memories and they had such a ball, such a great time together.

 ”Going back and playing all the songs and everything was quite emotional really.

”Their absolute joy and love of the music and those days is just so palpable.” Photo Credit, fanpop.com.

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