Singer ‘Jewel’ Releasing Children’s Music Book ‘That’s What I’d Do’

American singer songwriter, guitarist and poet releases a children’s music book  ‘That’s What I’d Do’. What Jewel has done is write something in which takes aim to teach rhyming at an early age.

Inspired by her song ‘What I’d Do’, the singer’s That’s What I’d Do is a hardcover book that features illustrations by Amy June Bates and a CD.

“I’ve wanted to create a children’s music book for quite a long time,” Jewel told People.

 ”[So] when I got pregnant, it was finally a great chance to get it written and really make it something that I hoped my son would like.”

Jewel has expresses that the last page of book brings her to tears every time and hopes that the book becomes “a love story” between mothers and their children.

The thirty seven year singer explained:

 ”I’m really excited for moms to get to sit down and read this to their babies because it’s really a devotion for lyrics.

“I hope all mothers get to feel that it’s a love letter to their kid. You can play the CD in your car or read the book at night before bedtime.”

Last year, Jewel released her second collection of children’s songs titled The Merry Goes ‘Round, a follow-up to her 2009 Lullaby album.

That’s ‘What I’d Do’ will be available on September 18.

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