Savages ‘Oliver Stone & Taylor Kitsch’ Featured For Los Angeles Confidential Summer 2012!

American film director Oliver StoneFriday Night Lights’ actor Taylor Kitsch are featured in the summer 2012 issue of the Los Angles Confidential.

n the issue the duo talk Savages and Stone’s directing:


“I keep saying how unapologetic this film is, and I think that’s his M.O. I respect him for that, that he’s never changed his process through his whole career. I think that’s a very, very rare thing—a very rare find, especially nowadays. Through my eyes, he does it for the love of the work and he doesn’t do it to succumb or for validation from people outside. I love that because I see quite the opposite happening in my experiences.


“I’ve always been drawn to the gangster and the criminal element. It’s taking an important subject to me, which is drug legalization, but treating it not like a documentary—[and instead] having fun with it. We’re showing how the system was spoiled, because everyone in the film—except for the young people in it—is corrupt. It’s a hypothetical, but it could happen.”

Savages releases July 6.

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