‘Salma Hayek’ The Challenges Of Motherhood Keep On Her Toes!

Salma Hayek, expresses ‘Motherhood is a challenge’.The Mexican/American film actress, director and producer, known for roles in Desperado, Dogma and Wild Wild West. Even though she really loves being a mother to her adorable five year old daughter Valentina, but she also admits that it is not that easy all the time. The forty six year along with her husband Francois-Henri Pinault are proud parents.

She told Mexican newspaper El Universal:

”When you become a mum and are responsible for someone else’s welfare, everything is about being the best mum and that’s a huge challenge on a daily basis. Because when you believe that you already know how to handle them, they become different. They change and evolve constantly but still depend on you. Sometimes you can’t even go to the toilet alone because they are always after you. It is a massive challenge, and not easy at all, but it is also the most beautiful goal of a lifetime.”

Hayek has also let it out that she did have big dreams for herself, and a huge success surprised her.

She added:

”When I was a little kid, I used to dream big about my future. I even thought they were unrealistic but I loved to picture myself reaching the top. Sometimes people laughed at me and mocked me because of my imagination, but in the end I think I even went further than what I expected.”

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