‘Ronan Keating’ Cheated & In Agony As Estranged Wife Yvonne Finds New Love! (Video)

X Factor Australia’s Ronan Keating has been left devastating as his estranged wife Yvonne does find a new love. He was trying to reconcile but it well that went out the door considering she is now dating.

The thirty eight year old had been heartbroken when she had found that the Boyzone star had cheated with one of his back up dancer’s. But now she is reportedly seeing cameraman John Conroy who did leave his own wife back in January ending their twenty year marriage.

Ronan is very hurt over the news even though he is the one who ruined his own marriage. A source close to Ronan told the Mirror:

‘The news that Yvonne has found love again has hit him really hard.

‘He was desperate to try to make her give him ­another chance, but by cheating on her like he did, Ronan broke the trust that once existed between them.’

Bad boy: Ronan recently spoke about how much he missed his wife and children

The source added:

 ’He has made no secret of how much he is still hurting over the break-up of his marriage. Now he is having to try to accept that his wife is dating again.’

Ronan and Yvonne – who married in April 1998 on the Caribbean island of Nevis – initially described their break-up as ‘amicable’.

Speaking to the mail last month Ronan said:

 ’I spent too much time away,’ he says sadly.

‘I missed Yvonne, I missed my children, and I made a mistake. We tried to get over it, but we couldn’t, and now I’m a single man again.

‘Being on my own is all new to me. I was

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