Rock And Roll Icon ‘Chuck Berry Health Fading Fast!

Chuck Berry’ is saddened by his deteriorating health.The rock and roll icon also has fears that his days in his spotlight have been numbered as he does insist that his voice is gone and his lungs are going fast.

The eighty six year old hitmaker of songs such as Johnny B.Goode, Maybellene, Roll Over Beethoven and Rock and Roll Music goes on to say that he can not hold a tune anymore, however his continuation in performing will go on sometime this month over at the Blueberry Hill club in St. Louis, Missouri.

As there no plans yet for him to quit as he does entertain his fans still with his guitar prowess.

He says,

“Give you a song? I can’t do that. My singing days have passed. My voice is gone. My throat is worn. And my lungs are going fast. I think that explains it.”

Even though his health is fading fast, Berry wants a chart comeback and also goes on to say that he has six previously unheard songs which have not been hears as yet, some are from sixteen years past when it is possible to find a suitable business partner to secure a deal so he can share his music with all his fans.

In an announcement at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, made by himself on Saturday October 27, 2012. He had been honoured for his career achievements with the American Music Masters Award.

He had been born into middle class family and did have an early age and gave his first performance at Summer High School.

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