‘Robin Gibb’s’ Final Moments As He Passed Away “I Wish Maurice Was Here”

Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb’s dying words have been revealed ane they were |”I wish Maurice was here”. During his last moments he had he had expressed regret that his brother Maurice could not be with him at his bedside expressing “I wish Mo was here, I can’t believe he is gone”.the sixty tow year old singer had told this to his family.

Daily also reports that he was speaking positive and  speaking a lot about his brother Maurice in recent weeks and had also remained determined, until the end, that he would tour with his other brother and fellow Bee Gee Barry Gibb, once more.

 Robin’s family was always at his beside “keeping a bedside vigil” for him even though he had been slipping in and out of a coma,

“We all knew he was seriously unwell, but his strength of character meant he never once mentioned the possibility he might not make it.”

The friend also revealed

“Instead he talked constantly about touring again, working with his brother Barry and about how much he missed Maurice, or Mo as he always called him.”

Barry Gibb who is now sixty five and the oldest brother is in the making of plans to fly to London to mourn the loss of his brother along with his mother ninety two year old Barbara. Robin reportedly requested that the Bee Gees hit ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ be played at his funeral. Photo Credit, www.mirror.co.uk

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