‘Report’ Ex-Presidential Candidate John Edwards Has a Life-Threatening Heart Condition!

American politician, John Edwards Has a Life-Threatening Heart Condition. Apparently a federal judge had revealed on Thursday that it is true fact that Edwards is indeed suffering this condition, according to CNN Reports.

The fifty eight year old, former presidential candidate, did seek a delay in a trial last month, his attorney’s did state that it was for an unknown medical issue, at this time the trial is delayed to at least March 26.

 This according to U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagles as she does have letters from cardiologists to verify the politician’s condition. Edwards is to undergo some kind of unspecified procedure next month.

 ”The letters from Mr. Edwards’s physicians are pretty clear this is a serious condition,” Eagles said, according to the Raleigh News & Observer.

A source close to the family tells PEOPLE that Edwards’s wears a 24/7 heart monitor but continues to exercise.

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