‘Professional Snow-boarder Shaun White’ Trashed Hotel Room, Arrested, Sent To Hospital!

Professional snow-boarder Shaun White has been wasted and trashing a hotel room,. The two time Olympic gold medalist had in fact been taken in after he was arrested after he alleged got wasted and he then badly injured himself, this is what sources tell TMZ.

What the story is, White had been in a Nashville hotel room when the incident occurred. As he had been confronted by the hotel staff, White followed his behavior with pulling many fire alarms, running like a speed of lightening that he fell and spilt open his head.

Now, Law enforcements are saying White had been put under arrest for public intoxication and vandalism, but was taken to a hospital for treatment first. Once he’s taken care of, he’ll then be taken to jail.

Shaun’s rep could had not been reachable at this time for comment.

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