‘Pink’ Reveals ‘My Marriage Will Never Be Perfect’

Singer ‘Pink’ has let it out that her marriage to her husband Corey Hart does’t come without any problems. It’s just like any other relationship. As she was speaking with

Speaking to Billboard, she had revealed that the two of them have joked around of how rocky things do get between them

She said:

 ”I’m in a relationship that I’ve been in for 10 years and it’s never going to be perfect. Carey always jokes, ‘You’re always just mad enough at me to write a song’ [and I reply] ‘Yep. Thanks, baby, you’re my muse’.”

On her recording process, she said:

“I was calling [my new album] an experiment until it wasn’t an experiment.

“I had 40 songs and it worked out. I’m like a faucet – there’s nothing going on in my head when I’m [switched] off. I write in a journal and that’s it. But that first day in the studio just opened up the faucet.”

She continued:

“It’s funny. I wrote ‘Family Portrait’ when I was 21 and my parents divorced when I was 9, so I tend to hold on to things. I’m still exercising some of those demons.”

Pink’s new album The Truth About Love is to come out next month.Photo Credit, www.zimbio.com

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