Owner Of Comedy Club, To Sue ‘Glee’ For Taking The Venue’s Name!

American musical comedy-drama television series Glee being sued by a U.K. comedy club owner over name. Actually it could be taken off the air in the U.K. over a legal battle.

 Apparently Mark Tughan, who had launched his Glee Club franchise in England in the 1990s, is suing bosses at Twentieth Century Fox for breach of trademark, and what he is claiming is that sharing the same name is bad for business.

The complaint is to be heard at Britain’s High Court after a judge at London’s Patents County Court warned on Thursday that a win would mean

“the television program, at least in its current form, would have to be taken off the air”.

Judge Colin Birss admitted a ruling against Fox executives, who have filed a counterclaim, would be “potentially catastrophic” for the Glee phenomenon.

 It had been just last September when Tughan had put fourth this complaint when he said the family-friendly series, which stars Matthew Morrison as a teacher to a group of singing high school students, was damaging his brand.

He explained,

People associate us with the show and I can’t be in that position as we couldn’t be more different. Glee‘s performers sing covers and the program is aimed at a young demographic while mine starts at 18. It’s manifested itself in the under-performance of newer outlets in Oxford and Nottingham.

“Members of staff said people were walking along the street and pointing to the entrance, asking if it was something to do with the TV show.”

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