‘Olympian’ Dara Torres “Shares Her Secrets” Represents Health Magazine!

Olympian Dara Torres is featured in the June 2012 issue of Health. She is an American international swimmer and a twelve-time Olympic medalist.

Here’s some excerpts from her interview:

If you compete in London, you’ll be the oldest female Olympic swimmer ever—how do you feel about that?

“You know what? To me, it’s an honor. People say, “You must get sick of everyone talking about your age,” but it really doesn’t bother me.”

Dara, the entire nation is obsessed with your abs. We want to know your secrets.

“OK, the first thing is genetics. My brother and I, our body types are exactly the same: ripped abs, big arms, skinny legs. And the second thing is my training. As far as ab sets, the most I do is maybe 30 reps, but there are always some kind of rotational movements using my core while I’m working out. And I train extremely hard, so that’s why my abs are so strong—I use my core in almost every exercise I do.”

What’s your biggest energy sapper?

“Probably being in the sun too much. I take my dog, Scarlett, to the beach on Sundays, and I’m in the sun every day anyway with my training. I never go outside before I’m going to swim in a meet.”

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