‘Nick & Vanessa Lachey’ Entangled In Car crash Along With All-American Rejects’ Bassist!

American singer-songwriter Nick Lachey and Vanessa Joy Lachey television personality, television host and model ha been entangled in a car accident with All American Rejects Bassist.

International airport. Lachey and his pregnant wife Minnillo who is now pregnant had experienced an unpleasant mishap just before they flew to Sydney, Australia.

 Life & Style had that couple had been involved in a minor fender bender when they had collided with a car driven by Matt Rubano at the Los Angeles International airport.

Offering details of the fender bender was Rubano’s girlfriend Jennifer Charlton. According to Charlton, the rocker was, at time of the accident, picking her up at the airport.

 ”Matt was stopping to get me and the driver drove around and [scraped] the back left side of my car, above the tire,” she told the publication.

Carlton recalled that her rocker boyfriend confronted Lachey’s driver about the incident, and pregnant Minnillo was not too happy about it.

“She did not seem happy,” Charlton said. Though so, she did point out, “I guess you might not be happy in that situation – but they hit us.”

Speaking of the driver who hit her car, Charlton said,

“He was really shaky and nervous because Nick and Vanessa were in the back of the car and he had to do all of this paperwork. He was like, ‘Do you know who I have in the back?’ ” She added, “I felt bad for him.”

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