‘Newtown Tragedy’ Unbearable Loss Enduring Love!

Exclusively in this issue of People Magazine, the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, stories of heroism and love. All about the victims. Jessie Lewis just six years old, just the day before he had passed away, he had etched a brief, note in the frost on his mom’s car door. “

I love you,” It would be the last note she would ever get form him, as she is in tears Sacrlett Lewis tells PEOPLE – and thankfully, she did catch it on film.

“I said, ‘Oh, Jess, I have to take a picture of that,’ ” she says. “Thank God.”

Also in this issue heartbreaking stories and remembering the other lives that were taken to soon, in one of worst shool shootings. There had been twenty young students and six faculty members who all lost their lives on December 14, 2012.

Some of the names of the victims are Dawn Hochsprung, who had lunged at the shooter Adam Lanza, first grade teacher, Victoria Soto who tried to hide her kids in a closet, and four other brave Sandy Hook Elementary School employees who tried so hard to save the children they loved.

Soto died, her cousin Jim Wiltsie tells PEOPLE,

 ”a hero.”

In emotional interviews, his parents tried to put to words a grief beyond compare,

Jesse had no fear and thought he could conquer the world,” says his father Neil Heslin, 50. “He was a brave little boy who had no fear – and he always put everybody before himself.”

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