‘Neil Diamond’ Reveals He Is Not Easy To Live With! (Video)

The ‘Sweet Caroline ’has revealed “I’m a high maintenance husband”. The American singer-songwriter who is a newlywed has said he loves being married, but does admit that he is not that simple to live with. He married wife Katie McNeil who is forty two years old just last month and he does admit that he is a demanding spouse.

“I want someone by my side who I love and who loves me,”

 He tells Parade. “I’ve finally found somebody who’s up to the task of being my wife, because I’m very … high maintenance.”

Asked in what way he’s high maintenance, Diamond explains: “When I need my wife or when I need companionship or someone to talk to, I need it, like, now. So my wife will have to give up whatever she’s doing at that moment to tend to my needs. And in the same way, I would tend to hers. That’s not such an easy thing to do.”

The seventy one year old did give up on love the first two times but he is happy that he is taking a chance on love once again.

“I had every possible chance to do it right. Both are spectacular women,” he says of his past wives. “I felt if I couldn’t make something wonderful and lifelong happen with them, then maybe I wasn’t capable of it. But I’m throwing myself back in because I like being married. I don’t want to end this whole fabulous journey alone.”

 Photo Credit, http://abcnews.go.com

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