Movie Critic Roger Ebert hospitalized After Fracturing His Hip!.


Roger Ebert has been hospitalized after a fracture hip. The American journalist,film critic and screenwriter, known for his appearance in Sneak Previews. The Writer’s wife Chaz had taken to page on Thursday, December 6, 2012 to announce the news, joking her husband’s “tricky disco dance moves” are to blame for his latest hospital trip.

She adds, “

He is doing well, asking for computer, will probably tweet.”

Chaz Ebert tells the Associated Press that,

 ”doctors are making assessments” about when her husband can leave the hospital – and the movie critic took to his own Twitter page later in the day to assure fans he would not need an operation”.

In a post, he wrote,

“Yes, fracture. But no surgery needed.”

The seventy year old just recently battled cancer of the thyroid and and also a salivary gland, which left him unable to speak. He has had a full-time, live-in nurse since 2010.

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