‘Morgan Freeman’s’ Restaurant Closes After Lack Of Business!

American actor, film director, aviator and narrator, Morgan Freeman’s restaurant in Mississippi has closed, after he had not received much business for the last ten years.

 The Hollywood actor set up the Madidi Restaurant in Clarksdale, Mississippi back in 2001 with his business partner, Bill Luckett, but the pair decided to shut down the eaterie due to financial issues.

The ‘Deep Impact’ actor had a closing party just on Wednesday February 29, 2012, and Luckett had mentioned they were sad to see that this is the outcome that had to happen.

Luckett had said in a statement,

 ”We thank the many who dined with us over the years… The restaurant has never made money. It was never about the money to us. Success is not always measured in financial gains…

“There is a satisfaction in helping your community and exposing people to something they haven’t been exposed to. We set out to offer an experience. Thanks to Morgan, and to me to a lesser degree, we had the capital to do that.”

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