Miss Universe Arrives December 19, 2012 meet, USA Olivia Culpo!

Miss Universe arrives December 19, 2012 meet, Olivia Culpo, the twenty year old is from Cranston, Rhode Island.

Olivia Culpo grew up in Cranston, Rhode Island as the middle child of five. With two avid musicians as parents, her and her siblings each studied different instruments throughout their childhood, Olivia’s choice instrument being the cello. Her other interests include movies, museums, concerts, and making people laugh. One day, Olivia hopes to land a career in either film or television.

In her own words

Everyone is exactly as they should be on the outside and it is your inner contentment, good spirits, grace and openness to others that make you truly beautiful.

fun facts

Olivia has had the honor of playing cello alongside Yo-Yo-Ma.

Olivia’s role model is  because of her generosity, intelligence, and grace.

Since winning the title of Miss USA, Olivia has kept every plane ticket from her travels.

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