Miss Universe Arrives December 19, 2012 Meet, Brazil Gabriela Markus!

Miss Universe arrives December 19, 2012 meet, Gabriela Markus, who is twenty four years old and is from Teutonia.


Gabriela Markus grew up in a small town in Brazil. She enjoys going to the movies, the theatre, and listening to good music. Gabriela is currently studying Food Engineering at the University of State of Rio Grande do Sul and has worked for her school’s microbiology laboratory.

In her own words

I keep this quote in mind and consider it my motto: ‘Believe in yourself and fly. When we believe in our goals and dreams, we must trust in ourselves.’

fun facts

Gabriela collects cups, and buys a new one each place she travels.

Gabriela got to conquer her fear of heights when she went parachute jumping in Hawaii.

When she was younger, Gabriela took both jazz dance classes and German dance classes.

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